Collaborated by QQ English,New music video “WORLD ORDER” was completed | フィリピン留学・セブ島留学ならQQEnglish。英語の上達最優先!



Collaborated by QQ English,New music video “WORLD ORDER” was completed

Hello,this is the QQEnglish staff. Mr Genki Sudo is a very famous Japanese fighter.He was inaugurated as QQ English principal in July 2018.He leads a dance & performance unit called WORLD ORDER.They released a new music video, “We Are All One”, on April 18 2019.This video already has more than one hundred thousand views as of April 22.


How cool they are! If you saw the video,maybe you will think of taking a trip to the Philippines. Especially Cebu. This was collaborated by QQ English.We will report the details to you.

The 1st shooting started on 4AM March 25


This project began last year.Mr Sudo went to Cebu,and had many direct meetings with QQ English staff.Under his direction,The first shooting was succeessful before lessons started with actual students.

Other members of WORLD ORDER arrived in Cebu during April

Mr.Sudo Cenki arrived in Cebu again with other members in April. They went to Mactan Island and Olango Island for shooting.



What is this scene ? Please check this music video.


A Jeepney and tricycle with WORLD ORDER drove to Lapu-Lapu city.They wore suits and it was too hot for them!


Also a shooting done at Seafront campus. Is this actually an English school…?


Unique QQEnglish Teachers & Staff

If you have already seen this video,You will understand. Many Filipinas and Filipinos joined in this video. At first,we wanted to introduce beautiful actors.They played the part of kings, but they are real QQ English teachers.

(From the left) Mr.Cypher/Mr.Gabino/Mr.Parker/Mr.Sotto/Mr.Thor


By Mr.Sudo’s request, the 5 kings selection was based on recommendations from the manager team. Different face, different body etc.


And Also, Mr Jones was in charge of the camera and editing. Another member of the camera staff was Mr Andrey,who is a Russian intern.



Our international team made a behind the scenes video on April 23.


In the way,this video was completed.Please keep an eye on QQ English’s activities in the future.


Mr.Sudo produced -Body make plan

WORLD ORDER official site