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The Sun of the Philippines

Happy New Year.
I hope this year will be a wonderful year for everyone. It has been 13 years since I came to the Philippines for the first time and 9 years since I started an ESL business. Let me talk about the Philippines a little bit.

It’s been a precious nine-years that I have spent groping for a business that no one has ever done before and I have kept running ceaselessly. To me, it feels like walking on a sandy beach that no one else has discovered.

There are no footprints in front of me but there are plenty following after me. Sometimes it is more like a blank wall or a cliff, or like a mountain or a valley without a flat road, but it’s the sandy beach that I have been walking.

Remember, a powerful sun is falling on the sandy beach in the Philippines. Whatever we encounter, the crises and failures, the powerful sun continues to give power to all creatures for as long as we live; it watches over us and grants us the power to stand up and keep going until the very end.

There have been various things and, thinking back now, I was able to overcome all of them thanks to the sun of the Philippines. I will never look back because the waves that strike the beach clean up the traces beautifully. I will continue to do my best to not shame the sun of the Philippines by looking forward firmly for the future.

I decided to swear my heart newly as I watched the rising sun, and the New Year’s sun has made me decide to swear from my new heart.

CEO : 藤岡 頼光 (Raiko Fujioka)